How to pack a first aid kit for you and your dog

How to pack a first aid kit for you and your dog
Dr. Maja Kruuse DVM
Dr. Maja Kruuse DVM
It is always a good idea to have a first aid kit ready when you are training or on a trip with your dog. I recommend always having one in your car that can also easily be packed in your backpack for trips outdoors or luggage when travelling with your dog.

What you need:
1. A small to medium sized waterproof and sturdy bag. A make up bag or toiletry bag will work just fine.
2. A laminated sheet of emergency phone numbers. I recommend writing down the number to your regular vet, the closest emergency animal hospital and your own personal emergency contact. This way people can also help you if you have been involved in an accident.
3. Rolls of gauze, 2-5 rolls.
4. Non-adhesive bandages such as vet flex – 2-5 rolls. This can be used for bandaginf, making a splinter or to make a soft muzzle to help your dog without getting bitten when he is afraid or in pain – read more about this in the article How to perform first aid on your dog.
5. Adhesive tape.
6. Cotton balls for wound cleaning.
7. Wound desinfectant such as pyrisept or chlorohexidine 0,05% (if you are ourdoors during the winter you can purchase would cleaning powder that you mix with clean water when needed – that way the desinfectant is not frozen and easier to carry in a backpack).
8. Liquid coal or coal tablets – first aid for poisoning. Consult your vet for the correct dosage and write it down on the bottle/box with a permanent marker.
9. Thermometer.
10. Scissors.
11. Tweezers.
12. Flashlight.
13. Sterile saline bottle (NaCl) for flushing eyes or wounds.
14. Butterfly closure bandages.
15. Antibacterial wet wipes for sterilising your hands before performing first aid.

I recommend having a larger first aid kit at home for treating the most common problems and a smaller travel size first aid kit that you can bring everywhere. All of the things mentioned in the list are over-the-counter products and can be bought at the pharmacy or online without a prescription. What is your best tip on items to have in your first aid kit? Pleatse send us your best advice and we will ad it to the list so all of the Canion community can benefit from it.

Have a pawsome day!
Dr. Maja Kruuse DVM